The video isn’t playing on my computer

First step is to check your browser. Mosa Mack is supported on Chrome or Firefox. If you’re not using Chrome or Firefox, switch to one of those and play the video.

If it still doesn’t play, check to make sure the school’s firewarll isn’t blocking the site. Mosa Mack hosts its videos on Vimeo, so to test whether this is being blocked at your school, click on the following links:

First is the Mosa Mack YouTube link:

Second is the Mosa Mack Vimeo link:

If you have trouble accessing the first link or both links, this may be a firewarll issue, but rest assured, it’s fixable! To resolve the issue, send an email to your IT director letting them know. He or she won't need to unblock all Vimeo videos, but instead, they will be able to unblock Vimeo videos played specifically on For additional troubleshooting questions, contact


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